Data Overview

To fuel Beyond Charts, you’ll require market data and when it comes to making educated decisions in the market, you’ll need market data that you trust and rely on. That’s why we’ve partnered with Premium Data, a leading Data Vendor whose sole focus is the cleanliness and accuracy of data.

You get what you pay for when it comes to data

While market data can be found floating around the internet for free, when it comes to making investment decisions, you get what you pay for.

Each year on the ASX there are hundreds of corporation actions that result in changes to the company’s issued capital. Each of these actions requires the data to be altered so that the share price, historical price and volume reflect the events that occurred in the market. The Data Vendor then needs to accurately interpret and clean the data so it reflects the share price movements on the market and so that you can make educated decisions.

So ask yourself this question. Would you do this work for free? Then ask whether you would trust the data coming from someone that is doing the work for free? So while data can be found around the internet, it will almost certainly cost you more money than you think.

Automatic updates

Gone are the days of sitting in front of the computer to manually collect data. If your computer is attached to the internet and if the data is available, our data tools will automatically pull down the latest data (even if Beyond Charts is closed). But it’s not only automated, Beyond Charts data delivery service is one of the fastest on the market.