Beyond Charts Formula Language

Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL) gives you the power and flexibility to formulate and test your own trading ideas. BCFL is 99% compatible with the MetaStock formula language. Take your existing MetaStock formulas or create new scripts and run them through the Beyond Charts+ high speed scanning engine.

The MetaStock formula language is a simple programming language developed by Equis. For the past 20+ years, this formula language has been used by 1000’s of investors around the world to analyse and test trading ideas. The popularity of the language is so widespread that an overwhelming number of education specialists and industry experts consider this to be the benchmark when it comes to trading.

Custom indicators & strategies written in MetaStock formula language are widely available from the internet and major trading publications, which gives Beyond Charts+ stock market chart software users the freedom to join an active community.

The power doesn’t end there! We’ve developed a user friendly and flexible interface that makes creating, backtesting, and running your formulas an easy process. An Easy Start environment can be preloaded at the click of a button which saves you time and makes the tools simpler to use.

MetaStock formula language friendly, 99% compatible.

Complete compatibility is difficult to accomplish which is why we don’t claim that the Beyond Charts Formula Language is 100% compatible. Between any two applications that try to achieve the same goal, there will always be small nuances; after all we are dealing with computers! So we have made our best endeavours to check the hundreds of key words and mathematical formulas involved in putting a language and scanning engine together. In some cases we actually made improvements.