Find, View & Analyse

No matter what market your focus, the challenge is to Find, View and Analyse the securities that present the best investment opportunity.

Whether you’re an investor who is interested in the fundamental performance of a company or someone who wishes to use technical criteria to scan and filter the market, our trading and investment tools can save you time and highlight the securities that meet your criteria.

Data Sheet

The ideal tool for the Fundamental Analyst, the Data Sheet allows you to select a list of the securities and filter the list based on an array of technical and fundamental information. In fact the are over 40 separate fields including PE Ratio, EPS, Dividend Yield, Sector, 52 Week high, Shares on Issue and Volume just to name a few.

The Data Sheet not only allows you to view all of these fields but provides powerful features to sort and filter every item to find the securities that match your criteria. It just takes a few clicks.

Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL)

Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL) gives you the power and flexibility to formulate and test your own trading ideas. BCFL is 99% compatible with the MetaStock formula language. Take your existing MetaStock formulas or create new scripts and run them through the Beyond Charts+ high speed scanning engine.

The power doesn’t end there! We’ve developed a user friendly and flexible interface that makes creating, backtesting, and running your formulas an easy process. An Easy Start environment can be preloaded at the click of a button which saves you time and makes the tools simpler to use.

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