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Securities ExplorerSecurities Explorer
One of the simplest, most powerful search tools ever built. The Securities Explorer dives into the database to find the securities you’re looking for. Never have the issue of searching for securities again.
Get focused and go beyond just searching for individual securities. Find the performing securities by filtering the database by sector, industry group, industry or sub industry.
Multiple WorkspacesMultiple Workspaces
Manage, save and recall your own customised workspaces with multiple workspace functionality.
Watch listsWatch lists
Whether it’s the shares in your portfolio, the tips from your preferred educator or stocks that fall into your much-loved sector, the Watch List Explorer allows you to seamlessly view, chart or data sheet your favourites.
Industry watch listsIndustry watch lists
Exchange specific Industry Watch Lists, are automatically updated when securities are added or removed from the list. Instead of needing to scour the web for a list of the securities that make up the top 50 or 100 in your exchange, you can open a chart or datasheet with one mouse click.
Chart typeChart type
Beyond Charts includes a number of widely recognised chart styles such as Bar, Candlestick, Line, Line Coloured, Base 100 and Renko.
A semi-log chart displays the price movement in percentage moves rather than absolute price movement.
Chart PeriodChart Period
View charts by number of bars or in daily, weekly and monthly mode.
Custom time frames on chartsCustom time frames on charts
Look back and customise the period, years or bars of a charts history.
Change the package theme, chart background, grid line and axis label colours.
Make crystal clear notes alongside securities and review your notes within a window or directly on the chart.
Interested in the Dividend history of ASX stocks? We have historical dividend information attached to each dividend paying security, viewable either in a window or directly on the chart.
Corporate actionsCorporate actions
Historical ASX Corporate Action information attached to each security, viewable either in a window or directly on a chart.
Share InformationShare Information
View over 40 separate technical and fundamental data fields attached to each security, viewable in a window.
For the technical analyst, a plethora of technical indicators can be customised, inserted or overlayed directly onto the chart.
Limited to 50
Line studiesLine studies
For the technical analyst, a range of Line Studies can be easily inserted, overlayed and if needed, saved to charts.
Set up, save and recall your favourite indicators at any time with the use of Overlay short-cut keys that make managing indicator overlays easy.
Analyses managerAnalyses manager
Save and recall your favourite analysis at any time with the use of Analyses Manager, making managing analysis easy.
Autoload analysesAutoload analyses
Automatically apply your preferred analysis per security each time you open a chart. 
Data sheetData Sheet
Measure the technical and fundamental strength of securities with over 40 separate technical and fundamental data fields and filter your watch list to find the out performers.
Limited fields
Web BrowserWeb Link
With one click, you have the ability to view public trading and investment websites within Beyond Charts dynamic analysis tools.
Formula LanguageFormula Language
Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL) gives you the power and flexibility to formulate and test your own trading ideas. BCFL is 99% compatible with the MetaStock formula language. Take your existing MetaStock formulas or create new formulas and run them through the Beyond Charts+ high speed scanning engine.
Single formula testingSingle formula testing
Writing indicators or viewing the signals on a chart has never been easier with single formula testing.
System formula and back testingSystem formula and back testing
Create a long entry, long exit, short entry or short exit system, run a historical back test against a stock or watch list and measure the statistical results.
Scanning moduleScanning module
Take your tested formulas and systems and run them through the Beyond Charts scanning module for more powerful scanning and result measuring.
BCFL LibraryBCFL Library
Write, edit and test formulas from within the BCFL editor.
Signals SummarySignals Summary
Measuring the statistical output of a formula or system has never been simpler. View your systems win rate, expectancy and profit ratio, quickly and easily.
End of Day DataEnd of Day Data
Beyond Charts integrated data downloader seamlessly maintains your data automatically. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, the downloader service will automatically download and maintain the data when it becomes available.
Help file documentationHelp file documentation
Comprehensive online user documentation with keyword search ability can be found in the ‘Help File’.
Tutor MeTutor Me
Video product training that is designed to short-cut the learning of our tools.
Version CheckVersion Check
As long as you’re an active subscriber, software upgrades are free. With our software being regularly updated, Version Check allows you to see what version of software you’re running.
Our licensing permits two installations of the software for any one user.
Export, copy, printExport, copy, print
Export, copy or print charts and data in a number of widely available formats.