Beyond Charts+

For the sophisticated investor who needs muscle to analyse, look no further than our premium application, Beyond Charts+. Beyond Charts+ offers the latest and greatest in technical analysis and charting features in an intuitive and powerful interface.

Beyond Charts+ also includes additional features that are not available in the free charting application. Features that include the ability to view dividend, corporate action and specific technical and fundamental share information, analyse securities with advanced technical analysis line studies and manage, save and recall your analysis in the Analysis Manager. But it doesn’t stop there!

Beyond Charts+ also includes powerful scanning and backtesting functionality called Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL).  BCFL gives you the power and ability to formulate and test your own trading ideas. BCFL is 99% compatible with the MetaStock formula language. Take your existing MetaStock formulas or create new formulas and run them through the Beyond Charts+ high speed scanning engine.

AUD$ 595.00
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