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Find, View & Analyse to make Informed Decisions

Whether you’re an investor who is interested in the fundamental performance of a company or someone who wishes to use technical criteria to scan and filter the market, our trading and investment tools can save you time and highlight the securities that meet your criteria.

Scan & Filter the Market

Make the massive job of analysing the market easier each day with our scanning and filtering tool.

Data Subscriptions

Data is the most important component of any stock charting package.  You get what you pay for when it comes to share market data and we believe we have the best.

Formula Language

Test your ideas, scan, write indicators and backtest systems with Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL).

Indicators/Line Studies

Analysis & Line Studies are used by experienced analysts to confirm trends. Most investors learn that picking the highs & lows are a difficult task that require more than luck.

Stock Market Charts

Technical charts help investors and traders view the price action that happens on the stock market.

Watchlist Explorer

The Watchlist Explorer gives you the flexibility to easily manage and examine the securities you’re interested in keeping an eye on!

We develop trading and investment tools such as stock charts for Private Investors.

The driver for all Investors is the continuous search for investment opportunities. So we created Beyond Charts to put you on the right path.

For the sophisticated investor who needs muscle to analyse, look no further than Beyond Charts+.  Beyond Charts+ offers the latest and greatest in technical analysis and charting features in an intuitive and powerful interface.

Beyond Charts+ includes features that include the ability to view dividend, corporate action and specific technical and fundamental share information, analyse securities with advanced technical analysis line studies and manage, save and recall your analysis in the Analysis Manager. But it doesn’t stop there!

Beyond Charts+ also includes powerful scanning and backtesting functionality called Beyond Charts Formula Language (BCFL).  BCFL gives you the power and ability to formulate and test your own trading ideas. BCFL is 99% compatible with the MetaStock formula language. Take your existing MetaStock formulas or create new formulas and run them through the Beyond Charts+ high speed scanning engine.
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